Internationalist Perspective Texts

This page contains texts produced by Internationalist Perspective and others which have not (yet) appeared in IP

The Economy in the Transition to a “Communist” Society - RV

The World as we See it: Reference Points (PDF)
An HMTL version of this text will appear shortly. This text will also be published in French and Spanish.

To Our Readers

Internationalist Perspective and the Tradition of the Communist Left

Two Texts on Communisation

Austerity in Greece

Greece 2008

A Contribution to the Life of the Francophone Network - Rose

Reply to an Inquiry from Korea

Airbus, VW... and after, Who's Next?

Documents and texts from from a Revolutionary Conference in Korea

Our Only Power: Solidarity! (also in Dutch)

17 Theses on the History and State of the Capitalist Economy

Don't Talk about the Danger of War unless You are Prepared to Speak about Capitalism! IP Leaflet (also in Italian)

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