Airbus, VW... and after, Who's Next?

Internationalist Perspective leaflet distributed in Belgium in March 2007

Massive dismissals, increasing productivity, flexibility, short-term contracts ... All that is presented to us as fate, as the result of competition with workers of another factory, of a country where wages are lower, with underpaid immigrants.

The cause of the massive dismissals is in the functioning of the system where the search for profit provokes massive overproduction with, in parallel, an impoverishment quite as massive. Whether it is a question of squeezing the threatened profits of Airbus, or to increase further the already copious profits, of VW, the result is the same: the capitalist system is a human crushing machine. The only thing that counts is the continuation of the cycle of the valorization of capital, in which humans are only one commodity among others, useful for a time in production. It appears more and more clearly that the objective of the system is indeed that: in the production of profit for its own development and not in the production of goods intended to meet human needs.

But this "fate" is that of capitalist logic which seeks profit at all costs. And this profit is from the exploitation of workers whom the system extracts it. Workers that it threatens, squeezed like lemons, then discards when they are no longer needed. Competition between workers has only two objectives: to hide the real cause of exploitation and dismissals and to break the solidarity that links the exploited.

As usual, the ruling class gives speeches intended to immobilize any reaction of revolt on behalf of the workers: declarations of the candidates for president in France, and of Angela Merkel in Germany, who, with hand on their hearts, are ready to defend "their" workers. But, in fact, words don't put food on the table and each one of them knows that capitalist economic logic is a globalized and autonomous logic. The ruling class plays fast and loose with the fate of the fired workers and the only thing that is important to it is to prevent any social upheaval.

In the same way, the trade unions, organs for the management of exploitation within the system, do not call anything into question: they are satisfied to negotiate the starting premiums, thin crumbs which do not change anything important with respect to the fate of the workers ejected by the logic of the profit motive.

No perspective is possible in a system that always creates more overproduction and unemployment, violence, famines, wars, ecological destruction.

Our only power to oppose this logic is our class solidarity: the workers of the whole world, unemployed or still working, possess this power to refuse the place in which the capitalist system imprisons them.

Another world is possible: the capacity to produce what is necessary to the life of all exists. Together, we can create the bases of a society that gives to the human being its right to a human existence, a society in the service of the satisfaction of human needs.

Internationalist Perspective

March 2007

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