Internationalist Perspective Discussions

Articles in this section of the IP site reflect discussions taking place within IP, and with other organizations.

A Debate on the Internationalist Discussion Network on the role of the Unions

Crisis of Value

Reply to Berlin Comrades on A Crisis of Value

Thoughts on the Conference of Internationalist Perspective, 2008 - B. York

On The Value of Software

Internationalist Perspective 44 contains an exchange between Raoul Victor and Sander over the new technology and revolution. This page deepens the discussion of technology and value.

The Events in France October/November 2005

The articles in this section are contributions from comrades of IP on the events in France in October and November 2005. A longer article appears in IP #45

The Debate on Species Being

Starting in Internationalist Perspective #43, we have carried out a debate on the concept of Species Being. Future contributions will appear in this section of the web site.

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