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Internationalist Perspective 61 Spring 2016

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Internationalist Perspective 60 Winter 2014/2015


To Our readers
Heart of Darkness: Modern Imperialism and Its Charnel Houses
What is ISIS?
Ukraine: Back to the Future
Why Wealth Redistribution Cannot Solve Capitalism's Crisis
The Past Devours the Future
Selections from and Commentaries on Michael Heinrich’s An Introduction to the Three Volumes of Karl Marx’s Capital
A Debate on Crisis Theory

Internationalist Perspective 58-59 - Winter 2013/Spring 2014

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In this Issue
Introduction Our Violent Times
A New Example of the Destructiveness of Capitalism
Capitalism Kills
Class War
DSM-5: Recipes for Madness
Internationalist Perspective and the Tradition of the Communist Left
Part 2
Part 3

Internationalist Perspective 57 - Summer 2012


Editorial: Prospects Negative
A Report on the Class Struggle
Communization and the Abolition of the Value Form
In Memory of Robert Kurz
Internationalist Perspective and the Tradition of the Communist Left
A Debate on the Crisis

Internationalist Perspective 56 - Summer 2012

Editorial The Historical Perspective: A Face Unveiled
Workers of all Countries Become Outraged!
IP Leaflet:They Don't Get It
Correspondence Does Capital Own Democracy?
Occupy: results and Prospects
Two Battles at Longview and the Occupy Movement
England Burning! August 2011 - Some Comments
Farewell to Will Barnes
Virtual Trillions - From Fiction to Fantasy

Internationalist Perspective 55 - Summer 2011

Editorial: Upheavals in the Arab World and Draconian Austerity in the Metropoles
Leaflet from Madrid “Que se vayan todos”
North Africa, the Middle East, China… Which Movements for Which Perspective?
Will China Save Global Capitalism?
Counciliar Power (with A Comment on WB’s Text…)
Repression and Trial of South Korean Revolutionary Militants, 2008-2011
Democracy Hides the Dictatorship of Capital
Is the Working Class Liquidated? - A debate with Blaumachen
Two Battles in Athens
Which Marxism? - A Discussion with the Peruvian GEC

Internationalist Perspective 54 - Fall 2010

Editorial: What a Rotten Summer
Class Struggle: Exacerbation of the Historic Perspective
With Recoveries like this one, who needs Recessions?
Artificial Scarcity in a World of Overproduction: An Escape that isn’t
The Value Form, Reification and the Consciousness of the Collective Worker
Insurgent Notes: A New Pro-Revolutionary Publication

Internationalist Perspective 53 Spring 2009

Editorial: Plus ca Change
Haiti: The Curse of Capitalism
On the Situation in Chile After the Earthquake
From Rambo to Mad Max: Mission Creep in Afghanistan
The Crisis of Production and the Crisis of the Market have the same cause: The Value Form
Thoughts on Reification
Some Unfinished Thoughts on Class Consciousness
Venezuela and the “Bolivarian Revolution” (Part 2)

Internationalist Perspective 51-52 - Fall 2009

Editorial: Prospects for the World Economy
Appeal to Pro-Revolutionaries
The Appeal of Internationalist Perspective: Reactions and Perspectives
A Crisis of Value
Class Struggle in Korea
Venezuela and the “Bolivarian Revolution” (Part 1)

Internationalist Perspective 50 - Winter 2009

And its Consequences
Capitalism, Technology and the Environment
An Inquiry into Class Consciousness

Internationalist Perspective 49 - Spring/Summer 2008

Editorial: May ’68…May ’08
Elements for an Understanding of the Class Struggle Today
Marxism and the Holocaust
Value-Creation and the Crisis Today
Review: Communicating Vessels: An Anthology of Essays

Internationalist Perspective 48 - Fall/Winter 2007

Editorial: The Greening of Capitalism
A Lively Debate
Class Struggle in Egypt
On Housing Struggles
Raping the World to Feed the Bubble - A Reply to Loren Goldner
Remembering Cajo Brendel
Reflections on a Discussion about the Perspectives for Communism

Internationalist Perspective 47 - Spring/Summer 2007

Editorial: Disaster
Imperialism: Hegemonic Powers and Contender States
Oaxaca: Rebellion and Recuperation
A Debate on ‘The Struggle’ of the Workers of VW in Brussels
A Revolutionary Conference in Korea
Contribution to the Debate on Revolutionary Perspectives
Human Nature, Class Consciousness and the Material Imagination

Internationalist Perspective 46 - Fall/Winter 2006

Editorial: Imperialist Carnage in the middle East
A New Generation Entered the Arena
The Debate on Human Essence: Round Three
'Human Nature' and Revolution
Humanity Becoming
Species Being and Class Consciousness
Class Nature not 'Human Essence' Should be our Focus
Letter: On the necessity of 'Real Socialism"
Working Class or Multitude?

Internationalist Perspective 45 - Spring/Summer 2006

Editorial: Life is Cheap
Struggles in France: A New Spring
Let's Speak Out - Leaflet by some Internationalists
The Banlieue Burns
On the Necessity and Possibility of Revolution
Left Turn in Latin America
Return to the Debate on Species Being
Reply 1: The Conflict Within
Reply 2: An Inate "Human Essence" would be a straitjacket
New Technologies and the Visibility of Communism

Internationalist Perspective 44 - Fall/Winter 2005

The Strengthening of the State Hurls us into Catastrophe
The Genesis of Capitalist Decadence
On Decadence: Elements for a Response to Critiques
For a Non-Productivist Understanding of Decadence
The Political Need for a Conception of Decadence
New Technologies and the Visibility of the Revolutionary Project
Technology and Consciousness

Internationalist Perspective 43 - Winter/Spring 2005

What Revolution? A Debate on Species Being
Species Being, Social Being and Class Consciousness
Social Being and Species Being: A Response to Rose
Human Nature: A Work in Progress
With the Crisis of Capitalism: What Perspective for a New Society?
Notes on the Class Struggle
On Imperialism: The US and Iraq.
On the US Economic Crisis: Prisoners of Value

Internationalist Perspective 42 - Spring 2004

Through Which Window are we Looking at Our World?
Perspectives on the International Situation
Reflections on Organization: Our Practice must Reflect our Goal
From formal to real domination of capital: How capital's progress became society's retrogression
On The Formal and Real Domination Of Capital And Decadence: How Capitalism Changed
Real Domination And Consciousness

Internationalist Perspective 41 - Spring/Summer 2003

How this War Fits into the Logic of Capitalism
Leaflet on the war: Don't talk about resisting this war, unless you're prepared to resist capitalism
They are taking Us for fools. Are they right?
The trade unions: Pillars of Capitalism.
The Bolsheviks, the Civil War and "Red Fascism."
Debate: Fictitious Capital and the Crisis of Capitalism

Internationalist Perspective 40 - Fall 2002

The Gulf War of 2003
"Why was there (so far) no Third World War?
Nation, State or Empire?
Imperialism Today
Theses on War
What’s behind the surge of the Far right in Europe?
Reflections on our function and functioning
Where Do We Go? - Leaflet on the 'Anti-Globalization' Movement

Internationalist Perspective 39 - Winter 2001-2002
Terrorist attacks and the American response: The reality of the "First War of the 21th Century"
Islamism: Political ideology and movement
The rationality of (self)-destruction
Leaflets on the terrorist attacks and the war in Afghanistan: "Fear" "Refuse Both Terorrism and Militarism"

Internationalist Perspective 38 - Summer 2001

In what world do we live ?
Seattle:Towards new forms of class struggle
The end of statist containment of the working class
The globalization of capital and the transformation of the state
It’s not easy to know what not to do
A discussion network has been organized

Internationalist Perspective 37 - Autumn 2000

Boycott them all
Order Reigns in Grozny?
Globalization and the Historic Course
Promises and Pitfalls of 'The Battle of Seattle
The Roots of Capitalist Crisis - Part 5: The law of value on the world market

Internationalist Perspective 36 - Winter 2000

Profit kills
The lessons of the war in Kosovo
Refuse Capitalism’s War Logic
Capitalism and Genocide

Internationalist Perspective 35 - Spring 1999

Refuse capitalism’s war logic!
Deeper into Dead-end Street
The decadence of capital and the development of the productive forces.
Ideological Obstacles to the Development of the Class Struggle
Farewell to our friend and comrade: Jean Malaquais
The Chenier Affair: Debate or intimidation inside the revolutionary milieu

Internationalist Perspective 34 - Summer 1998

Towards an Evaluation of the Class Struggle Today
The Roots of Capitalist Crisis - Part 4: The Impasse of Globalization
Towards a new theory of the decadence of capitalism
(Sign)Responding to the ICC

Internationalist Perspective 32-33 Winter 1997-98

The Roots of Capitalist Crisis - Part 3: From Decline to Collapse
Value, Decadence and Technology: Twelve Theses
Review: Nights and Fogs of Revisionism by Louis Janover

Internationalist Perspective 30-31 - Winter 1996-97

The ICC: One more step towards the abyss
Reply to comments on the book Communism has not yet begun
The roots of capitalist crisis: Why the collapse of the world economy is inevitable - Introduction
Part 1: The Inevitable Fall in the Rate of Profit
Part 2: The Immanent Barrier to Market Expansion

Internationalist Perspective 29 - Spring 1996

A new period of struggles has begun
Behind the Current Struggles, the Need for a New Society is Raised
The Agony of Bosnia
The Development of the Productive Forces and the Decadence of Capitalism
Communism has not yet begun by Claude Bitot (book review)
The economy in the Russian Revolution (Reply to Sander)

Internationalist Perspective 28 - Fall 1995

Russia doesn’t sulk, it collects itself
A future for Africa ... and for the rest of the world
Is there a revolutionary perspective?
The three stages of the concept of decadence
The economy in the Russian Revolution
Cracks in the rear-view mirror (Reply to Rose)

Internationalist Perspective 27 - 1994

New world disorders
Balance sheet for a new start: Internationalist Perspective
The world as we see it: Reference points
Economic aspects of the transition from capitalism to communism
On 'Paradoxes of materialism'from Transition: Marxism and materialism

Internationalist Perspective 26 - Winter 1993-1994

Perspectives of the Fraction
Resolution: The Situation of Imperialism
Social Decomposition: Understanding the real changes in the future of the world situation
Review of a book by P Kennedy: Visions of an ideologue on the future of his system
Correspondence: The final crisis of capitalism?
Review of a book by A Bihr: To get rid of the National Front ... and of Capitalism
Reply to comrade Everhard
Reply to IP: On the revolutionary nature of the proletariat
Open letter to the CBG and the CWO: Our conceptions of political debate

Internationalist Perspective 25 - Summer 1993

Somalia: when humanism justifies militarism
Crisis and class struggles in Europe
The United States: What’s new in the White House?
Debate: Globalization of capital and new tendancies of the state
Debate: Proposals for the elaboration of a new platform
Public meetings: Towards a new revolutionary platform
About a new pamphlet on H Chaze: Communism and counter-revolution

Internationalist Perspective 24 - Winter 1992-93

The world economy: the light goes out at the end of the tunnel
War in Yugoslavia: the hidden face of capitalist order
Theory of decomposition or decomposition of theory?
The necessary recomposition of the proletariat (part 2)

Internationalist Perspective 23 - Summer 1992

Towards a new revolutionary platform
Nationalism and racism: Expressions of capitalist crisis
Riots in Los Angeles: Social revolt and racial hatred
Strikes in Germany
Correspondence: Who is the working class?
Contribution to a conference called by Kamunist Kranti: The tasks of Marxist revolutionaries today
The Legacy of the Dutch left: critique of a book by the ICC

Internationalist Perspective 22 - Winter 1992

The collapse of the Eastern bloc and the new world order
The decadence of capitalism, social decomposition and revolution
Reply to the CBG: the development of revolutionary theory and regroupment
The revolutionary project: open letter to the comrades of the EFICC
The necessary recompositon of the proletariat

Internationalist Perspective 21 - Fall 1991

Against the false communities of nation, race, religion: class solidarity
The future of imperialism
How the changes in capitalism have transformed the make-up of the working class
Perspectives for class struggle in the '90s
The 'anti-sectarian' sectarianism of the ICC
Public meeting in Leeds: The basis for debate in the revolutionary movement
Debate on the period of transition: Beyond wage labour, distribution in post-capitalist society

Internationalist Perspective 20 - Summer 1991

Let the statues fall
The New Clothes of Russian Imperialism
Fourth conference of IP
The evolution of Inter-imperialist antagonisms: an orientation for the '90s
The historic responsibilities of the working class
The revolutionary milieu: for a living practice of marxist theory

Internationalist Perspective 19 - Spring 1991

Welcome to the new world order: The pax americana in the Gulf, prelude to other conflicts
The world economy after the Gulf war: from war euphoria to crisis reality
The revolutinary milieu and the Gulf war
A new turn of the screw in the capitalist crisis in Russia
Discussion with l’Aube Internationaliste
What MC brought to the revolutionary movement

Internationalist Perspective 18 - Winter 1991

Oppose the Gulf war with class war
USSR: the hard road from capitalism to capitalism
Debate on Eastern Europe: what remains of the wall?
The minority position: an update
A critique of the ICC
Critique of the Fraction: On the existence of imperialist blocs
A response
CBG presentation: How far will the collapse of the Russian bloc go?

Internationalist Perspective 17 - Fall 1990

Resolutions on the events in Eastern Europe
The Gorbachevian constitution: the political reconsolidation of the Russian capitalist class
The imperalist balance of power on the European continent.
The revolutionary milieu: making sense of the events in Eastern Europe
Leftism: as loyal as ever to capitalism in the east
Correspondence with the Seattle-Vancouver discussion group

Internationalist Perspective 16 - Winter 1990

What is happening in the Eastern Bloc?
Romania: Dictatorship or democracy?
The ICC and the Eastern Europe: A degenerating organization makes a flip-flop
The changing face of imperialism
The economic situation: Bankruptcy in the "Third world", collapse in the east, debt and unemployment in the west.
Metaphor and reality

Internationalist Perspective 15 - Winter 1989-90

The Eastern Bloc democratizes to impose more austerity
Islamic fundamentalism: Religious fanaticism to reinforce the state
Correspondence: The reconstitution of the classes under state capitalism
Debate in the revolutionary milieu: Report on a meeting with the Communist Bulletin Group
The ICC and China: what happened to class struggle?

Internationalist Perspective 14 - Fall 1989

Order reigns on Beijing
Class struggle in the '80s
Theses on Gorbachev
Farewell to Munis
"Mouvement Communiste" : The notion of centrism - a disease plaguing the revolutionary milieu
Correspondence: On intervention
PCI-Battaglia Comunista: Internationalist of course, but not too much

Internationalist Perspective 13 - Summer 1989

Nationalism: Crime against humanity
Public sector strikes: Corporatism, an obstacle for workers' struggle
Romania: Ceausescu/Gorbachev - two sides of the same coin
Why the Russian Revolution is not a model for tomorrow
"International Review of the Communist Movement" : the limits of an initiative
Debate on the period of transition: critical notes on Mitchell's text

Internationalist Perspective 12 - Winter 1989

Russian imperialism searching for a new lease on life
Class struggle in Poland: A growing distrust of Solidarnosc
Hunger riots in "socialist" Algeria: The end of a myth
France: Why did the left win the elections?
Where we have failed: Recents developments in the revolutionary milieu
Discussion on state capitalism: The ICC burying its head in the sand
Problems of the period of transition Bilan 1936-1937. (part 2)

Internationalist Perspective 11 - Fall 1988

International class struggle: Poland once again
Rank and file unionism: New sirens to sink the class struggle
Riots in Palestine: "Martyrs" for a nationalist orgy
Problems of the period of transition Bilan 1936-1937 (part 1)

Internationalist Perspective 10 - Summer 1988

Class struggle in Britain: The truce is over
Critique of the ICC's intervention: What kind of "struggle groups" ?
Polemic: "Privatisation" and state capitalism
On the roots of the degeneration of the ICC: mistakes on the mass strike in Poland
Centrism and opportunism in the workers' movement: A break with the ICC

Internationalist Perspective 9 - Spring 1988

Stock market turmoil, recession, unemployement: One more step towards collapse
Workers' struggles internationally: the response to the crisis
Rumania: The same fight against capital
Manoeuvres in the Gulf: To discipline Iran and counter Russian advances
Discussion: Accident and necessity in a Marxist analysis
The decline of the ICC: The roots of degeneration
What's at stake in the ICC's platform change

Internationalist Perspective 8 - Autumn 1987

War in the Gulf: Against the whole logic of war, class struggle
Workers' struggles: Korea, South Africa: the same struggle
Irangate: what was really at stake
The timeliness of the Russian Revolution
Answer to LLMen: On the nature of the Russian Revolution
Collective and individual consciousness
Mass struggle and workers'democracy: correspondance with Wildcat

Internationalist Perspective 7 - Summer 1987

Workers struggles' internationally: - Spain, Yugoslavia
Reforms in the Eastern Bloc really mean more austerity
The continuity of Stalinism
Great Britain after the elections: austerity and more austerity
Understanding stae capitalism
The GCI on the hunt for "stool pigeons"
Regroupment proposal of "Communisme ou Civilisation" and Union Proletarienne: difficulties in overcoming the crisis in the milieu

Internationalist Perspective 6 - Spring 1987

Workers' struggles internationally
The French railworkers' strike
The ICC and the student movement
Class struggle in the USA: The lessons of Hormel
Economy: Plunging into the crisis
A meeting in Paris: A debate on revolutionary intervention
Correpsondence: How to define the working class terrain
Class consciousness in the proletarian revolution (part 2)

Internationalist Perspective 5 - Winter 1987

Railroad men in France show the way to self- organization
Leaflet: Self organization and extention (France, January 1987)
Resolution on class struggle
Revolutionary intervention in the Belgian strikes
USA/Iran: The imperialist stakes in the Middle East
Letter to Argentina
Letter to Kamunist Kranti (India)
Centrism and the ICC (part 2)
"Fraternal" debate according to the ICC

Internationalist Perspective 4 - Autumn 1986

Perspectives for the class struggle
Economy: After a limited recovery, a generalized recession looms
The growth of inter-imperialist conflicts
Debate: France, an experience in left government: In defense of the accident thesis
Class consciousness and its ideological deformations
What kind of intervention in the unemployed committees?
The ICC and centrism: chase the debates out the door, but they'll come back through the window

Internationalist Perspective 3 - Summer 1986

Class Struggle in Belgium
The Fall in Oil Prices
The Revolutionay Milieu and Internationalist Perspective
Centrism and the ICC

Internationalist Perspective 2 - Spring 1986

International Class Struggle: The Gathering Storm
South Africa: Anti-apartheid, a Mystification Against the Workers' Struggle
Haiti, The Philippines: Different Face, Same Misery
The U.S.A. Reinforces War Ideology
The Military Preparations of the Russian Bloc
The Real Target of Anti-terrorism: The Class Struggle
The Working Class and Revolutionaries Confront the Left
On Revolutionary Intervention
The Call to Trade Union Days of Action: An Incomprehension of the Role of Revolutionaries
The Concessions of the ICC on Substitutionism

Internationalist Perspective 1 - Winter 1986

The Tasks of the Fraction
The International Situation
The Decline of the International Communist Current
Declaration of the Formation of a Tendency
Resolution on Centrism and Political Organizations of the Proletariat
Our function Today: A Critique of the Intervention of the ICC

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